Employers can and must work to eliminate domestic and family violence

We learn more about Challenge DV, an organisation working to support employers with their role in eliminating violence against women, thanks to our partnership with Family Friendly Workplaces.   When family members and colleagues discussed family and domestic violence with Keith Tracey-Patte, he concedes that he would struggle to understand how he could actually make […]

Navigating workplace inclusion during polarising global times

Dr Juliet Bourke

Workplaces that want to be inclusive must also navigate the very different viewpoints people bring to work, especially regarding complex political and global issues. We’ve worked with leadership experts to ask what workplaces can do to create safe and constructive spaces, thanks to our partnership with Family Friendly Workplaces.   Workplaces offer a unique opportunity for […]

A booming opportunity for employers to support care givers

All too often when the topic of supporting carers in the workplace is raised, the conversation quickly starts and ends with a focus on women and babies.  Wider caring responsibilities of employees often don’t get a look in sadly.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no denying investment in parental leave support is critical to improving […]

Breaking the stereotype of male-dominated investor teams

Victorian Funds Management Corporation’s investment team is edging closer to reaching gender parity, now at 43 per cent, while across the full firm it is at 50/50 gender parity.    It’s an impressive result considering that across the industry, women make up just 27 per cent of investment teams, according to the Financial Services Council.  […]

How NBCUniversal deploys ‘Ambassadors’ to support women

Rebecca Heredia’s career in media and entertainment took years of hard work to achieve, including plenty of rejections and more than a dozen interviews before getting her first job in the industry.   Now that she’s Director of Human Resources for Comcast NBCUniversal APAC, working to support a workforce made up of other women who’ve […]

The ‘Social’ within ESG is an opportunity for Socially Responsible Workplaces

The growing interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is pushing organisations to evolve how they operate to meet stakeholder expectations.   For the ‘Social’ aspect of ESG, there are clear opportunities available for organisations to do more on addressing diversity, equity and inclusion, and especially how their working conditions are impacting employee health […]

2023 Family Friendly Workplaces Insights

Progress update of workplace data Future Trends Latest Certified Workplaces   Today, Family Friendly Workplaces is proud to announce, as part of National Families Week 2023, the latest companies certified under the National Work + Family Standards. Workplace data on the certified companies has also been released today. A follow on from the Bridging Work […]

Announcing the new Family Friendly Workplaces Advisory Group

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the Family Friendly Workplaces Advisory Group, a high-profile team of industry influencers dedicated to making Australia one of the best places to work for families.   The group is representative of our founding partners, subject matter experts and advocates, they cover major private sectors of the economy […]

We must crack the code on women’s attrition in STEM

A strong and diverse workforce is essential across the science, tech, engineering, and mathematics sectors (STEM) to address some of our nation’s most confronting and enduring challenges: including domestic and family violence, climate change, equality, and social justice.   It’s also vital for tapping into the full potential of the population, driving innovation, and especially […]