The Evolving Challenge of Balancing Work and Family for Parents

The Evolving Challenge of Balancing Work and Family for Parents

Listen to Emma Walsh on Weekend Mornings with ABC   As parents and carers grapple with the demands of raising children and maintaining their careers, the landscape of work-life balance continues to evolve. Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents at Work and founder of Family Friendly Workplaces, recently shared insights from the 2024 National Working Families […]

Highlights for Employers: Insights from the National Working Families Survey

Emma Walsh on Sky News

The intersection of work and family balance has long been a challenging terrain to navigate for both employees and employers. The recent findings from the 2024 National Working Families Survey commissioned by Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia sheds light on the ongoing struggles faced by over 6000 Australian working parents and caregivers while highlighting […]

Announcing Certified Family Inclusive Workplaces 2024

Family together

As we celebrate National Families Week 2024 (13th – 19th May), we are delighted to announce the list of certified Family Inclusive Workplaces as of May 2024 and highlight the achievements of the Family Friendly Workplaces initiative.   The certification recognises Australian employers who meet the National Work + Family Standards and encourages organisations to […]

Navigating workplace inclusion during polarising global times

Dr Juliet Bourke

Workplaces that want to be inclusive must also navigate the very different viewpoints people bring to work, especially regarding complex political and global issues. We’ve worked with leadership experts to ask what workplaces can do to create safe and constructive spaces, thanks to our partnership with Family Friendly Workplaces.   Workplaces offer a unique opportunity for […]

‘Part of our DNA’: The a2 Milk Company’s family-friendly approach

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We learn more about the a2 Milk Company’s family-friendly initiatives and policies aimed at supporting parents, carers and women, thanks to our partnership with Family Friendly Workplaces.   One of the first things team members see on The a2 Milk Company (a2MC) CEO David Bortolussi’s desk is a black and white photo of his family. As […]