Finally, we’re seeing big policy promises that will transform Australia

Emma Walsh on Federal Government changes

The last few weeks have seen once-in-a-generation policy promises announced that could significantly transform the future for families in Australia, as well as our overall economic prosperity with improved women’s workforce participation.   These policy changes have come from state and federal governments, and cover early childhood education, paid parental leave and other areas encouraging […]

Millions spent closing the gender pay gap has been more than worth it!

Lion Australia

Lion spent millions of dollars closing its gender pay gap. Now it’s going one step further on promoting workplace gender equality: removing ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carer labels to give parents more flexibility around the leave they take after having a child.   ​​Removing these labels is significant. They are labels that have been identified as […]

Employer Guide on how to get started implementing a Parental Leave Policy in your workplace

Implementing a Paid Parental Leave Policy for small business

Why introduce a Parental Leave Policy? As more working parents seek to improve the integration of their job and caring responsibilities, workplaces are realising the importance of providing assistance to their employees to manage the juggle.   Designing an inclusive Parental Leave Policy, that is supportive of all family types and caring scenarios within a […]